Welcome to the world of TV advertising
Lime HD offers access to a multimillion audience both in Russia and other countries via advertisements placement in various formats.
What is Lime TV advertise?
Lime HD advertise is a modern approach to TV advertising that levels the playing field,therefore businesses of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of its opportunities.

Different advertisements can be shown to different people watching the same programme, using Lime TV service. This means brands and businesses like yours can now advertise on some of the nation’s favourite channels.

Lime TV precise approach significantly reduces the outlay required, making TV advertising possible for almost any business.
Advertising  with Lime TV is
Effective - more than 60% of Russian audience watch TV every day
Direct appeal to your target audience
An ability to customize advertisements for a specific region or city
Sales and brand awareness increase
Opportunity to stand out against the competitors
Full advertisement view pay only
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How to attract your audience?
Lime TV gives the opportunity to specify the target audience which satisfies your terms and conditions allowing you to show the ad directly. That’s why you can be positive that a user sees your ad.

No need to track your audience activity. This is the reason why Lime HD is unique. Your advertisement is played only if the targeted audience is watching the channel so you can be sure that all the resources used effectively. Learn how the advertising budget is spent using your personal advertising account.

Adjustable advertising benefits:

  • No mediation
  • Goods, services and events promotion
  • Target clients clear customization
  • Controlled views
  • Simple and flexible setup
  • Detailed reports on views / transitions

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