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Lime HD is a Skolkovo resident!

A little about Skolkovo:

A scientific and technological complex operating in the capital for the development and implementation of innovative ideas, which provides special conditions for resident companies operating in the Russian Federation and engaged in advanced scientific research and experimental development. Grants and other privileges under special conditions, including tax incentives, are also available to residents.

In order to become a Skolkovo resident representative, Lime HD has undergone a multi-stage expert selection:

The first stage is the evaluation of the submitted questionnaire, which checks whether the company meets the formal criteria. The next step is to identify the innovation priority, as well as to assess the competitiveness, feasibility, profit potential and competence of the team. The final step is voted on by the experts.

"Lime HD has proven that it is worthy of receiving Skolkovo resident status and is ready to demonstrate its development as well as the desire and ability to offer users the best service in the mobile TV industry.

At the same time, Lime HD has been engaged in innovative activities in the video streaming, Internet media and advertising technology industries for the past few years. It cooperates with the leading Russian technology and media companies in this industry, including Channel One, National Service Company, National Advertising Alliance, Teletarget, SDN Video and others in terms of expanding and implementing new broadcasting and advertising management functionality on its Lime HD platform. Therefore, obtaining the status of Skolkovo Innovation Centre resident was an organic development for us, notes Vladimir Sivov, founder of Lime HD.


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