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Thanks to talented and passionate employees, Lime HD became  the leading IT company in mobile TV service development. Engaging the best specialists and the continuous improvement of everyone involved, made us the best in our sphere.

Enthusiastic about their work

Lime HD respects its own employees, stimulating them for achievements, that leads to self-learning and perfection.

Commitment for everyone

Freshly brewed coffee, snacks, fruit and free breakfast and more for all in the modern, comfortable  city center.

Help and adaptation

You will gain invaluable experience in programming, marketing and design working with us. Our IT specialists will gladly share their knowledge with you.

We only getting better

We always want more. In 2020, we reached an international audience in Europe and Latin America.

Yesterday - bold ideas, today - a part of life

Lime TV is a tool for getting up-to-date information globally and locally. Therefore, Lime HD employees realize the important work they do.

Career in Lime HD

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